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About Project Graduation

What is Project Graduation (PG)?
This event was started in Oxford Hills, Maine in 1980.  As a result of several fatal accidents the night of graduation the community, along with local police and the State, came up with this idea to have a safe, fun event for the students to go the night of graduation.  It was a community effort.  By 1986, all 50 States have adopted this tradition. It is an effort to develop awareness of drug and alcohol use among students.  Our fundraisers are always drug and alcohol free and to create awareness, we have our Cinnaminson Community Alliance handing out literature on drug and alcohol abuse at all our events.   
 PG is the only activity that is open and used by the entire senior class. It is supervised by adult volunteers from all grade levels at CHS and is an alcohol, drug and tobacco- free FUN party that is held off school grounds on the night of graduation.This program is entering the 29th year here at CHS giving us an opportunity to provide our graduating seniors a wonderful memory, build a tradition for our underclassmen, and give each member of the class an opportunity to pursue their future at the same time.  Project Graduation ensures parents, family members, friends and all who know and love these young adults that they will be having a safe and fun night! 
Cost of PG?
There is NO cost to the students.  The committee pays for this event by doing fundraisers throughout the year and by a small grant from the Cinnaminson Municipal Alliance (the amount changes each year).  To make this night successful, the tab is somewhere between $26,000 and $30,000 per year.  You can see by this number that we need to do a lot of fundraising.  Which in turn means we could use your help.  A little or a lot!  You decide
Thanks for any help in advance!!!