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Course Selection Process

To access a Course Planning Worksheet please see the link below.  This worksheet will help students plan out their courses for four years in high school to ensure they will meet all the graduation requirements.  Students should download a copy, fill it out, and discuss it when they meet with their counselor during the course selection process.  


Teachers will make academic course recommendations for the following year based on a student's current grade average.  Recommendations are based on the parameters set by each department and can be found on the high school's website.

In mid-February, parents will be given instructions from administration on how and when to log into Genesis to choose electives and view their child’s teachers’ recommendations. 

The process for entering elective requests is as follows:       

  • Log on to your Genesis Parent Account
  • Click on your child’s name
  • Click “Scheduling” tab
  • Click “Requests” tab

All electives are listed by subject area.  On the right side of the screen you will see “Request a Course” tab under each subject area.

  • Select “Request a Course” to see the list of electives available for your child in that subject area.  For your convenience, all courses include a brief description. Please read them carefully before making your selection.
  • Use the “PRIORITY” drop-down menu for your chosen elective to inform us of how important this class is to your child (1 is the highest priority and 5 is the lowest)
  • Click the “Request this Course” tab.
  • After choosing all requests and priorities, click the green “Submit” tab.

NOTE: Course requests for the recommended core-content courses will be added by the recommending teacher. After clicking “Submit”, you will not be able to change electives online. Students will have an opportunity to speak with their counselor to make any necessary changes. 

 March / April

Counselors will meet with each student individually (beginning with the current junior class) to review course recommendations, elective choices, graduation requirements, and post-secondary plans. 


Teachers will update course recommendations based on students' final year averages.  Please keep in mind that course recommendations are subject to change based on a student's achievement between March and June.

 July & August

Schedules will be mailed home during the summer.  Counselors have limited hours during the summer and will be available on select days during the month of August to address scheduling concerns. 

Course Selection for 8th Grade Students


8th grade teachers will make academic course recommendations for the following school year based on a student's current course average.  Recommendations are based on the parameters set by each department at the high school and can be found in the Course Selection Bookletwhich is available by using the link below.  (Hard copies will be given to 8th graders the day of the Course Selection Presentation in February).  

 Mrs. Luecke, the 8th & 9th grade counselor and Ms. Lobascio, the supervisor of the guidance department, visited all 8th grade students at the middle school on February 7th to explain the course selection process, distribute the Course Selection Booklet, and discuss the high school experience.  Students received a packet of information along with a copy of the Course Selection Booklet.  The following information was in their packets.

·         The Freshmen Course Selection Guidelines (link below)

·         The Athletics & Activities List (link below)

·         The Course Planning Worksheet (link below)

·         Winner's Circle Criteria (also found in the agenda)

Students will be given a Course Selection Sheet.  The Course Selection Sheet will provide detailed directions on how to select electives for next year.  This is a  process for all students to make their selections online in Genesis.  Students will have an opportunity to meet with Mrs. Luecke in a few weeks to go over their selections.  

Course Selection & Academic Advisement Information Night will be held for parents in the evening usually within the first week of February, when counselors will explain the course selection process and provide necessary information about the high school.  Supervisors will also be available for answering any specific questions at the conclusion of the presentation.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, the presentation is available below.

 February / March

At the end of February, Mrs. Luecke will begin meeting 8th grade students to review their 9th grade course recommendations and review their elective choices.  She will also go over graduation requirements.


8th grade teachers will update the academic high school course recommendations based on students' final year grade averages as well as any other parameters set by the department supervisors.


Schedules are mailed home during the summer.  Mrs. Luecke will have limited hours during the month of August to address scheduling concerns.