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ACT / SAT  / AP Test Dates

2019 – 2020

 ACT TEST DATES                                

September 14, 2019      

October 26, 2019*

December 14, 2019*

February 8, 2020*

April 4, 2020                                   

June 13, 2020*

July 18, 2020   

*Offered at CHS 

A student's ACT score can be used for applying to ANY U.S. college or university, including Ivy League institutions and other highly selective schools.  Not all colleges and universities require a writing test for admission—the ACT writing test is optional, saving students time and money.  The ACT test score is based on the number of correct answers, with no points deducted for guessing.

To register for the ACT, please visit


August 24, 2019            

October 5, 2019*

November 2, 2019*

December 7, 2019         

March 14, 2020*

May 2, 2020*

June 6, 2020     

*Offered at CHS

To register for the SAT, please visit

*Indicates testing offered at Cinnaminson High School.​​​​​​​

TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS: Students with an IEP who wish to have accommodations made for either the SAT or ACT must first apply to College Board and/or ACT for approval. Applications can be obtained in the Counseling Office.  It is the parent’s responsibility to submit the application for accommodations prior to the deadlines set by the College Board and/or ACT.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact:

Ms. Donna Lobascio

College Board / ACT Testing Coordinator

(856)829–7770 ext. 3831

Advanced Placement (AP)

Cinnaminson High School is proud to offer 17 Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  AP courses are rigorous, college-level classes in a variety of subjects that give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize.  AP students are provided an opportunity to take the AP exam in May for an opportunity of earning college level credit.  Students should check their prospective colleges’ AP policy by searching their website and entering “AP” in the search box.  Most colleges will post the required exam scores for the appropriate awarded credit. The Mr. Repsher, the AP Coordinator, will begin entering AP classrooms in January to inform students how to register for AP exams.  CHS currently charges $98 per exam.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mr. Repsher, by phone (856)829 – 77770 ext. 3831 or email  Here is a link that provides additional AP information:

 The following AP courses are available at Cinnaminson High School:

May 4, 2020*                   Physics C: Mechanics

                                                 Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

May 5, 2020*                   Calculus AB/BC

May 6, 2020*                   English Literature & Composition (12th)

                                                 European History

May 7, 2020*                   Chemistry

                                                Physics 1: Algebra–Based

May 8, 2020*                   United States History

                                                Computer Science A

May 11, 2020*                  Biology

                                                 Environmental Science

May 12, 2020*                 Spanish Language & Culture


May 13, 2020*                 English Language & Composition (11th)

                                                Music Theory                                                                 

May 14, 2020*                 World History: Modern          

May 15, 2020*                 French Language & Culture  


If you have any questions about the process, please contact:

Mr. Michael Repsher

AP Testing Coordinator

(856)829–7770, ext. 3831