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Students interested in playing Division 1 or Division 2 college athletics must be cleared through the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Below are some helpful resources to help determine your eligibility.  The NCAA recommends creating an account with through the NCAA Eligibility Center by the end of your sophomore year. 

The following are NCAA approved courses at Cinnaminson High School:

NCAA Approved Classes


 Full Year Academic Courses

CP Freshman Survey English             

ACC Freshman Survey English          

HON Freshmen Survey English         

CP American Literature                      

ACC American Literature                   

HON American Literature                  

CP World Literature                          

ACC World Literature                       

AP Language & Composition 11*       

CP British Literature                          

ACC British Literature                       

AP English Lit/Comp 12*                   

 Full Year Elective Courses

Introduction to Journalism 1510

Semester Elective Courses

Creative Writing 1                              

Creative Writing 2                             


 Full Year Academic Courses

ACC Algebra 1                                    

HON Geometry                                  

ACC Algebra 2                                   

HON Algebra 2*                                 

ACC Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry

HON Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry

ACC Calculus                                     

ACC Probability & Statistics             

AP Calculus AB*                

AP Calculus BC*                

AP Statistics*                                     


 Full Year Academic Courses

ACC Environmental Science              

AP Environmental Science* 4120        

ACC Chemistry                                  

HON Chemistry                                 

AP Chemistry*                                   

ACC Physics                                       

AP Physics 1; Algebra Based 4315        

AP Physics C-Mechanics*   4320       

AP Physics C- Elec. & Mag.*             

ACC Biology                                       

HON Biology                                      

AP Biology*                                        

Semester Elective Courses

Forensic Science                 

Anatomy and Physiology                                   


Full Year Academic Courses

ACC Modern World History             

HON Modern World History            

ACC U.S. History 1                             

HON U.S. History 1*                          

ACC U.S. History 2                            

AP U.S. History 2*                             


Full Year Elective Courses

American Law                                    

AP European History*                       

Human Behavior                 

AP Psychology*                 


AP World History: Modern 2130                        

Semester Elective Course

Contemporary World Issues             

Gender and Society                            

Introduction to Economics  2500       


Full Year Academic Courses

ACC Spanish 1                                     5239       

ACC Spanish 2                                    5143        

HON Spanish 2                                   5141        

ACC Spanish 3                                    5153

HON Spanish 3                                    5151        

ACC Spanish 4                                    5161        

HON Spanish 4                                   5170        

ACC Spanish 5                                    5181        

AP Spanish Language & Culture*       5190        

ACC French 1                                      5218        

ACC French 2                                      5221        

HON French 2                                     5222       

ACC French 3                                      5231        

HON French 3                                     5260       

ACC French 4                                      5241        

HON French 4                                     5270       

ACC French 5                                      5242       

AP French Language & Culture*        5290        


The 2019–2020 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

CHS  NCAA Approved High School Courses