Want to look at all the pictures the Buccaneer Yearbook took?

The Buccaneer Yearbook, through its photography company's portal, is opening its vault to view and purchase all the images from the 2022-23 school year. 


Visit the website www.lorsstudio.com and click the Event tab.  Scroll down to the Cinnaminson portal and simply click away.   


The portal is organized in chronological order by events. Relive the school year.  Please note, June graduation ceremony photos are already available for free download.

All images are free to view. But, you may also purchase any digital image you like.  Have a favorite image in this year's book?  Are you and a friend in one that didn't make the publication?  Simply click the Buy button on each image and follow the directions.  A percentage of the proceeds goes directly to The Buccaneer.  So, happy surfing!!