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Summer School - Educere


Please fill out the application and pay directly online. There are no extensions, so please sign up as soon as possible.  Courses must be approved by your student’s counselor. Students can only take up to two courses for summer credit recovery totaling 10 credits.  EDUCERE:  . Online registration deadline is July 8th and classes must be completed by 11:59 August 17th.  You can register online or contact Jessica McCaughey.  She can be reached by phone: (215) 283–0380 or email: [email protected] 


Please be aware that in order to participate in the fall and winter sports season, your student must have earned 30 credits during the school year.  Students’ eligibility for the spring sports season is based upon their academic performance during the first semester (1st and 2nd marking period) of the school year.  He/she must successfully earn 15 credits by passing classes in the first and second marking period.  To participate in spring sports, be sure your student has enough classes to earn the required 15 credits.  This requires students to take 6 classes plus PE/Health.  These credit requirements are state mandated for sports participation.


Your student will automatically be scheduled for failed courses next year until we receive a passing grade from Educere.  At that time your student’s schedule will be adjusted.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please call the counseling office at (856) 829–7770, ext. 3831 or 3809.